nick sweepah & ourobonic plague

nick sweepah & ourobonic plague


….aka OUROBONIC PLAGUE… \ \ \ Nick appeared in rhyme form on albums by Muph, Ivens, Crixus, Arms in Motion and Able, as well as releasing 2 solo EPs. Of late, his attention has been turned towards making dark, droning, industrial sounding music under the moniker Ourobonic Plague. This was a secret. It’s not so much anymore. You can still find some rappy rap musics here:



Tuesday February 25th, 2014

Hi all. Been a while. Sorry I didn’t write.

2013 was a great year for me in many ways. In terms of music I played a lot of great shows and helped organise the once-a-month chaos that was Village Oblivia. I didn’t put out any real releases… but that’s just changed. This thing is out now…

33 Degrees

Yeah, I’ve got a new EP out, pay-what-you-want style via bandcamp. You can get it here:
It’s a little bit different, for me. A bit faster and, at times, a bit harder, than previous releases. I spent the last twelve months experimenting with some new styles and this was the result.

Anways, to bring it back to nights of one-a-month chaos, we’re kicking off a new night at Flying Scotsman’s Velvet Lounge, on the last Friday of every month, starting on February 28th. It’s called Altered Fauna. Here’s the amazing poster.

Altered Fauna 001

As it mentions, I’m using this as an excuse to “launch” the new EP, and have invited some super-talented friends along for the ride. The bill is absolutely STACKED, and it’s free entry. Come along. We got an event page here: , and have started a little group thing so you can stay in the loop:

If you make electronic music of pretty much any kind, or know someone who does, and you/they would be interested in playing, chuck the music on the group page and let us know.

See you Friday.



Thursday September 6th, 2012

I’ve been in Melbourne this past week, mostly doing nothing productive. However, Tuesday night I was invited by DOS4GW to make a little guest appearance on the L-BURN ILLUMINATI PODCAST. It was heaps of fun.. much pizza and alcohol was consumed (were we drinking champagne at one point?) Now you can experience the glory of the “L-Brun Class-A-fell-asleepcast Season 2 Episode 2″, via itunes – (you can subscribe there too!!!!) or

I did drop a little bit of an exclusive tune on there, a demo of a new collaborative project. Check the track list out. You’ll figure it out from there.

Meanwhile over here in the west, I was in the paper today (if you click through twice you can actually read the text.)

The article is all about a compilation I appear on, called “Western Schism” – featuring a whole gang of super talented WA artists, and available for free here –

I’m playing at the launch for the compilation as well – – I’m teaming up with lord Javier Frisco – – to make some face crushing drone techno. Yeah. That’s a thing.

So I’ll see you at The Bakery this Saturday!!!!



Tuesday June 26th, 2012

Just a quick little post today, to link you up with this new track I’ve released via bandcamp – All Backwards.

Apart from being a bit of a reflection on some recent experiences I’ve had, I also experimented with a few new ideas, and the bulk of the track was made out of samples from Atmosphere tracks.

So anyway I’ve been playing heaps of shows lately, but that epic run is kind of over now, so I plan to knuckle down and begin work on what will be my first official album (as opposed to CD-r or download only type things), which is being released by the great folks at Robot Elephant Records (who, by the way, are about to release an EP by Dead Fader! Go check it out at their site!!). I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes.



Wednesday May 2nd, 2012

wami showcase program

The Bakery
Tuesday 29 May, 8:00pm

WAM is proud to present its first ever Experimental Live Showcase as part of the 2012 WAMi Festival. Western Australia has a strong pedigree when it comes to boundary-pushing music, and the showcase ably represents this legacy, offering up both solo performers as well as bands who’s sounds escape easy categorisation.

Solo acts playing on the night include the post-industrial noise of Ourobonic Plague, the atmospheric guitar-based initiation rite of Craig McElhinney and the weirdo funtimes of Chris Cobilis. Bands on the bill include low frequency noise-duo Candied Limbs, the atmospheric industrial sounds of Heytesburg, propulsive math-rock duo Race To Your Face and the organic-electronic hybrid beast that is Usurper of Modern Medicine.

Curated by Adam Trainer, RTRFM Music Director.

Tickets from
$15 Non Members / $10 WAM Members



Thursday April 19th, 2012

i got a lot of stuff lined up. i will put this here for you to read until i figure out how the posting of events works here…

>>>> Sunday April 22nd – The Fireplace ft. Ourobonic Plague & FG, at The Moon Cafe… we do a set each, then collab for a while. ///// check FG’s work out right here: and dig our first ever collaborative effort here:

>>>>>> Thursday April 26th – HEXX ft. Ourobonic Plague, at The Velvet Lounge… “featuring a special performance of dark and warped rhythms from Perth artist OUROBONIC PLAGUE, longstanding DJ ASCIIMOV (Loft and ex-SIN) will join resident JESSICA KILL to provide the soundtrack on the night.”///

>>>>>>>>>>> Monday 30th of April – Kikiilimikilii (France) at Galleria, East Perth, with Salamander + Doctopus…///

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Saturday 12th of May – GOAT record launch at The Rosemount Hotel… ///

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Saturday 19th of May – LAPALUX [Brainfeeder/UK] & oOoOO [Triangle/USA] at The Bakery … + Ourobonic Plague, Rok Riley, Travis Doom, Salamander, Oni Ca$h, & Clunk /// buy tickets here:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tuesday 29th of May – something else I don’t think I can announce just yet… that has a HUGE line up of local artists…

I realise I haven’t been posting here as regularly as I used to… please find me on facebook if you wanna keep up to date with everything….



Thursday March 22nd, 2012

Hey, something I’ve been waiting for has finally been released. The Robot Elephant vs Tundra Dubs compilation is OUT and I AM ON IT (as Ourobonic Plague). You can order CD, Vinyl, or digital versions right here: The track is available there to stream as well, if you want a preview. The rest of the album is really dark, twisted, electronica… some upbeat and some really screwy downbeat stuff as well. In the label’s words:

Robot Elephant Records from London and Tundra Dubs from Oakland, California are two labels from opposite ends of the world but tightly connected by strong DIY ethics, fierce independence and an unmatched zeal to champion new and unusual sounds. After last year’s similarly themed, critically acclaimed ‘ISVOLT’ compilation (which features amazing Australian artist Horse Macgyver), Robot Elephant embarks on a joint venture alongside Tundra with label bosses Sebastian Robot Elephant and Ben Tundra each curating one side of five songs featuring forward thinking electronic producers from all around the world.

I’m also really excited to be playing The Community 8th Birthday Party as Ourobonic Plague, but I have one gig lined up just a couple of days before that. It’s called Noizemachin #9 and is held at the Perth Artifactory, on March 27th. This set will be short, but something I’ve created especially for the event. Find out more on Facebook: See you around.



Thursday March 8th, 2012

Earlier this week I made a little mix for internet radio show Mantis Radio, in the guise of Ourobonic Plague. The host, DVNT, always plays great, dark tunes, and it was a honour for me to take part. The whole show is now available to re-stream or download, and was designed to be a mix of stuff by my friends and influences (although really, my friends are some of my biggest influences at the same time).

Click here to check it out at DVNT’s Darkfloor blog.