Marksman Lloyd

Marksman Lloyd


It was at 8 years of age that Mark Marksman Lloyd wrote his first song. It was a little ditty called “You gotta believe in yourself”. It would seem that he took his own advice. Marksman started rhyming at 13. At this age he made his first recorded song over a beat on the Deathrow Records website which he recorded onto a cassette tape. His Mum loved it. His first performance was freestyling in front of breakdancers at a hip hop workshop he attended at 15. At 17 he had the opportunity to play a string of shows in Singapore off the back of 10 unreleased demo tracks and at 19 he flew to Ohio in the U.S, where he rocked topic freestyles in inner city schools and played shows as a part of I.W.T (Impact world tour).

Marksman’s accolades include the time he spent in his formative years as a battle MC winning the Scribble Jam battle in WA. He has also faired well on the spoken word poetry circuit, coming runner-up in the Australian Poetry Slam at the Opera House in 2008 and going back as a national finalist in 2009.

As of late he has been performing his music and doing spoken word shows throughout WA, establishing a name for himself in both scenes through these performances as well as releasing substantial amounts of material via youtube and social networking sites.

Marksman has just released his first project for FREE download entitled “The Bridges in Spain”. You can get it here.

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Lions on the Beach release

Saturday December 15th, 2012

What up folks

I’m pleased to announce my second solo project “Lions on the Beach” is now available for free download at the address below,

I’ve worked on this for the last 5 months and had the chance to record it with fellow community member Lewis Galaga. I feel like it’s some of my best work to date and I’m really proud to be able to share it with you all. The bulk of production comes from my man Creed Birch as well as a sneaky beat thrown in there from ASAP. Guest wise it features, in my opinion, 3 of the best singers around. Aaron Malone from Whisky Winter. Sophie Hopes from Tired Lion and Soho as well as my little sister Caitlin Lloyd.

I hope you all connect with this in some way and thank you for you support thus far.




Suit ‘n’ Thai film clip

Monday July 30th, 2012

Hey yall

We’ve finally finished the film clip for Suit ‘n’ Thai.

Director, Steve Browne and I spent 5 days in Phuket, Thailand filming guerilla style and this is the result.

A big thanks to everyone involved with the launch last Friday and a special thanks to Odette Mercy, Wisdom 2th for the incredible production and Steve Browne for being involved with this and helping to shed light on a situation that is in dire need of change.

Check the link below to view it.


Why do you need a passport anyway? A library card should suffice!

Saturday June 2nd, 2012

So we were suppose to fly out yesterday to shoot the clip for Suit ‘n’ Thai.  Unforeseeable  circumstances that involve a passport… or lack there of, mean that we have had to postpone the trip for 2 weeks.

Bit of a bump in the road but we’ll be over there soon enought to shoot, what I hope, is something special.

On a side note thanks to everybody that has been downloading the album and supporting the shows. Your feedback has been amazing and it’s great to see so many people digging what we are doing. You guys are awesome!

peace people



The Bridges in Spain

Friday April 27th, 2012

Here it is people. Finally. Go D/L it ASAP… you too.

The link is below



“Half Awake” performed at Tunes for Tumaini

Sunday April 8th, 2012

a big what up to all of you out there in cyber space

thought I’d post this track from the charity gig we put on for Tumaini orphanage in January


p.s if it doesn’t work just copy and paste the link you lazy so and so


Long time no talk ey

Thursday March 15th, 2012

So mixing and mastering is almost finished for “the bridges in spain”, and we’re in the process of organising a launch date right now. Sibalance is doing an amazing job in getting the tracks sounding insanely ill and I can’t wait to finally unload this beast on you all.

One of the tracks off the release delves into the harsh realities of the sexual slavery industry that is rife all over Asia and many other parts of the world. The track was written after a trip to Phuket in 2008, it’s called “Suit and Thai” and features the incredible Ofa Benness, aka, Odette Mercy. We will be taking a team to Thailand in June to shoot a clip for this track and in doing so hopefully we  can shed some light on the situation, even if it’s only enough for a few to see. As it stands, I think any awareness about this issue is a good thing.

More info soon….



The Mixtape is now available for free download!

Monday December 19th, 2011

The Mixtape features Empty’s vocal work along with several other Perth emcees, set to rearranged and edited new wave hip hop beats. Download it now for free from here!

The list of Artists is as follows; Asap, Mathas, Stats, Pronto (from The Stoops), Slackjaw, Marksman, Lewis Galaga (from The Typhoons), Aeon, Kev Brown, OneLove and Beat-Maker-Beat.

Stay tuned for the live album coming to you in March 2012.