Part emcee, part producer and 100% weird beard, the FG species (genus strangus guyus) can be recognised by its faithful reproduction of soul samples and its limited freestyle skills. It is often found in a lab with an expression of frustration and disappointment on its odd countenance or on the front porch writing its artist bio while surrounded by empty beer bottles.

The FG exhibits numerous aberrant behaviours. For example, this species is known to frequent hip hop shows only to sit in dimly lit corners with a notebook writing lyrics.

Originally native to the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne where it was frequently found trying to blend in with J-reds, Aetcixs, A-loves, Drainos, Fatty Phews, Nick Sweepahs and Muphins, it has also been spotted in the vicinity of other states’ fauna such as the Mr. Trials, Simplex, Mass MC and Crixus. Around 2005, the FG migrated west and currently burrows in and around Perth, Western Australia. Since migrating, the FG has used its underdeveloped xenomorphic traits to collaborate with other species such as the Wisdom2th, Ourobonic Plague, G-box, A.pt, Empty Cup, ASAP and Hallows. A long-playing collection of the distinct sounds produced through these collaborations is was released in November 2012 under the title of “Making Space”. Further audio records are currently in development.

The only certifiable extant recordings of this shy mammal can be found on the audio discs for Culture of Kings, Culture of Kings 2, ‘More Than Music’ by Muphin, ‘Get The Picture?’ by Draino, ‘Who’s Your Step-Daddy?’ by The Funkoars, ‘Waking The Past’ by Terra Firma, ‘Abstract Junk’ by Crixus, ‘Making Space’ by FG and on the audio cassette ‘Funky Living Room’ by FG.


Ear Bashed Belatedly

Sunday March 2nd, 2014

It has been a very long time since I’ve posted anything on The Community blog.  Apologies.

As often seems to be the case, work swallowed me.  That pesky depression pit swallowed me, too.  I have mastered the depression deranguense, though.  As per Charles Bukowski’s prescription, I go to bed for two days and don’t speak to anyone.  When I emerge I feel a little better.  Just repeat until symptoms disappear.  It has taken a good six months.  Things seem better now.

Anyway, in the interim, I’ve been slowly chipping away at my next release.  It’s an album called “The Cosmonaut”.  I believe I’ve mentioned it.

As I sit here, my most recent (and definitely the final) song for the album is hammering at my earholes quite furiously.  It’s loud.  Angry, maybe.  I think it says something.  Or maybe screams something.  I’m not sure what, though.

I hope you enjoy it.

It’ll drop soon.


New Songs Old Songs

Friday January 10th, 2014

Hello humanzees,

I’ve spent the bulk of the night listening to songs by Bob Dylan that I haven’t sat down and listened to for probably a decade.  Unquestionably, he is my favourite songwriter of all time.  He is very well respected for his lyricism and it’s ironic that I am engaging with him again whilst I’m in the middle of putting together an instrumental album.  Actually, that’s definitely an incorrect usage of the term ironic.  Call me Alanis.  I don’t care.

The instrumental album is coming together slowly.  I appear to have an actual fear of mixing it.  I seem to be putting off the mixing phase repeatedly.  A few people have offered to mix it for me, but I’m equally reluctant to that idea as I am to mixing it myself.  There are ideas in this album that I’m scared to death of mixing out of existence.

Nonetheless, I move ever so closer to getting it done.  A good friend of mine (and an amazing artist) named Fajar Sugiarto has agreed to do the artwork.  I have a pretty firm idea of what I want, but I also trust his intuition wholeheartedly.  So I’m excited by that.  And I also think the songs themselves are some of my best work (if I can just keep the good ideas and strip back the bad production decisions).

It’s a very different album to my last one, “Making Space”.  Very, very different.  That’s kind of funny since this album is a sequel to Making Space.  It is connected in my mind, however, I’m not sure how many people will see/hear the connections.  Not that that really matters.  Music is all about discovery.  The most real links are often the most tenuous.

On a side note, vote for Mathas in the Triple J Hottest 100.  The song is Mathas “Nourishment feat. Abbe May” – it’s a cracker of a tune which uses a reflection upon the alienation of European and Aboriginal cuisine within Australia to make us reflect on the broader cultural divide in the country.  You can find the voting page at the link below…


Without trying to sound like a sycophant, I have to say that it would be an abysmal failure of the musical integrity of the listening public in this nation if Mathas did not get recognised for his ability quick smart.  He is a consumate performer but, more importantly in my opinion, he is a deep thinking and clever lyricist (not to mention a very good producer).

Anyways, I hope your holiday season was good and not too stressful.  Enjoy 2014 like it’s 1999.




Contribution Level Approaching Critical

Saturday June 8th, 2013

I have been a terrible Communitarian lately.  My contributions to the cause AND the greater good of The Community have been decidedly negligible.

Sorry about that.

However, I have been stumbling blindly around my studio banging on buttons that make sound a bit recently so I feel like I should at least share the results.

Meanwhile, the folks next door are playing Dre – Next Episode and rapping along to it.  Random.

And then there’s this:


Who the F**k was ASAP?

Sunday April 7th, 2013

Who the F**k was ASAP?

There comes a time in every artists life when they must throw off the fetters that bind them to their past; when they must reach with both hands for the glorious future that is promised them by their mates (who invariably say “Nah, you’re fully sick aye bro!”). For some this involves crafting their magnum opus, for others it embodies adopting a whole new style, and for one person at least it involves changing your name from ASAP to Archi. Surprisingly, ASAP is that one person.

After engaging numerous audiences across this his home state of Western Australia in salubrious, stirring and often sloshed recitals of his signature tune “Who the f**k is ASAP?”, the newly dubbed Archi will soon be forcing them to wonder “Who the f**k was ASAP?”.

“To be completely honest, I was sick of people thinking I was a member of A$AP Rocky’s crew or, worse still, that I was A$AP Rocky.”, says Archi. “Even on Facebook, where there is a clear picture of me on my artist page, people would still comment in my status updates under the deluded belief that I was actually part of the A$AP crew.”

Sometimes artists must take a stand against the wilful ignorance of the people that aren’t even remotely their audience. Other times it’s easier to change your name and hope that people stop bothering you.

Thankfully, the name is the only thing that ASA-… err, Archi is changing. You can still find him cohosting CoLab at The Moon on the second Sunday of every month and he’ll still be collaborating with Marksman at numerous gigs around Perth. The name change does bring with it a few alterations to his online presence, however. If you’re trying to find Archi on the interwebs here’s the salient list of sites:





Space. It’s everywhere.

Saturday February 9th, 2013

I’ve been deciduously working on my next release.  I know.  Deciduously means “in a manner of shedding” i.e like a tree would shed leaves.  However, deciduously also makes it sound like I’ve been working very hard.

The album is (currently) called “The Cosmonaut”.  I have some interesting ideas for the final product, too, but I shall keep those under my hermetically sealed space helmet.  Which raises another salient question: does anyone here have a ex-Soviet cosmonaut costume?  It needs to look authentic.  If so, hit me up on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/iamFG or on my Twitter http://www.twitter.com/FG_beats.

‘The Cosmonaut’ has a specific number of tunes which, at the moment, varies from 5 to 8 depending on my mood.  It is also a very different album to Making Space.  That is a little odd since it is the sequel to Making Space.   I won’t go into it too much but you can expect an example tune to hit your ears in the next month or so.

In the meantime, remember: A parsec is a measure of distance not time.  Sorry, Han Solo.


Big Stuff and Things

Tuesday December 11th, 2012

A few cool things have happened recently.

Firstly, I went to Bunbury a.k.a Bunno a.k.a Bunbewry a.k.a Bum Berries last weekend along with ASAP, Stats, Wisdom2th, DJ Silence and Dicky MC to support Grey Ghost. The show was cool.  The crowd was loose.  And after the show so were we.  Good times were had by all and Grey Ghost killed his set.

Secondly, I’ve been given a slot supporting Rapaport at Mojo’s Bar this Thursday.  That should be pretty dope, too.  Jump on board! http://www.facebook.com/events/410409579026305/

Thirdly, a good mate of mine named Crixus dropped his Prototypecast EP (on shiny black vinyl) a few days ago!  Massive amounts of props go out to him. I reckon it’s a nice album, too.  So nice, in fact, that I did a remix of one of the songs and you can get it in the digital download of the album (which you can buy by itself or you will receive if you buy the vinyl).  Head to http://edgeoftheworldrecords.bandcamp.com to have a listen and make a purchase.  Nice work, Crix!

Lastly, I got a pleasant surprise last night when Trials from The Funkoars included my album Making Space on his Top 10 Albums for 2012 list on the Golden Era Records website (home to the Hilltop Hoods, Funkoars, Vents, Briggs and K21).  You can check out what he had to say here: http://www.goldenerarecords.com.au/store/artists/goldeneratopten/

Now, to focus on writing more songs.  Looking forward to that!


Words Up!

Monday November 26th, 2012

So, Community Words is now available for download from The Community Bandcamp or hard-copy at The Community Store (and I’ll be adding hard copies to the Bandcamp site shortly).

I love this album.  But, to be honest, I’m a bit knackered.  Generally, I suck at organising things.  Somehow, I seem to get involved in organising stuff, though.  Maybe I’m too enthusiastic.  Is it possible to be lazy and enthusiastic at the same time?

On another note, I shot a clip for Jobbed from my recent album, Making Space, last Friday.  Wisdom2th, DJ Silence, DVS and myself occupied Captain of the Ship on William St (Shop 6/189 William St, go visit the Captain there) for an afternoon and acted stupid for a while.  Wisdom2th is now in full on editing mode and I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.

Oh, and a gentle reminder – my launch for Making Space is on at Fat Shan Records this Saturday, 1st of December.  Mathas, Wisdom2th, ASAP and Hallows are on support with Silence spinning before, between, during and after the sets.  It should be awesome.  Come and join the party here – https://www.facebook.com/events/545990098749063/