“Independence through collaboration”

The Community is a collective of music producers, lyricists and artists from Australia.  Since its inception in 2004, The Community has been at the forefront of the Perth underground music and arts scene. Our group has run numerous gigs, provided emerging local artists with performance opportunities, promoted and distributed our own works locally and nationally, as well as holding art exhibitions and organizing wall mural projects. We have held residencies at the Velvet Lounge, Hyde Park HotelThe Moon CafeBar Open. Our people are also regular hosts of All City, Golden Apples of the Sun and Bass Check radio shows on RTRfm 92.1.

The Community
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The Weapon is Sound ‘Thundercracker Dub’ Launch

Thursday July 24th, 2014 by The Community

The Weapon Is Sound come back onto the scene after several months spent marinating in dub sauce. We’ve been preparing with only the “finest” of ingredients to bring you a new single “Thundercracker Dub” with video clip. To help us celebrate we’re partying up with very special guest The Fire Alive from Geelong, Peter Bibby’s coming over from melbs to perform with rocking band Fucking Teeth and The Boost Hero Man repping The Community! We’re also going to have live visuals, and likely a VERY smoky back area. Dub come at you at Mojo’s North Fremantle on the 2nd of August.


‘In The Shadows’ update!

Wednesday July 9th, 2014 by DJ Silence

There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to the EP since launching it at the 10th Birthday show last month. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting the release and to those who have purchased a copy!

Just a quick update to let everyone know that ‘In The Shadows’ is currently this weeks ‘local feature album’ on RTR FM, tune in throughout the week for the chance to score a free copy! Thanks to the station for the support and to Diger for hooking it up.

If you haven’t heard the EP yet be sure to check the digital version on Bandcamp .

‘The Moments’ (feat. The Dead Edits) is also up on Soundcloud for free download

and if your up for it feel free to rate and review the single on Triple J Unearthed .









Many Months of Mathas News

Tuesday July 8th, 2014 by Mathas

Hey Pals.. it’s been a little while.

Been a pretty busy ‘little while’ though.. which is a positive BUT i must admit to neglecting posting on this site for some time.

Which is a bit shit considering I co-designed it, it represents all of my favourite people in Australian music and we’ve spent a lot of time building this bastard up from nothing to a flourishing little eco-system. Apologies, bygones, I promise to remedy this, let’s move on..

Happy to announce that a new song is coming!  Featuring my buddy Empty on production and harmonies, we begin filming THIS weekend. Until then.. here’s some never before seen behind the scenes photos from my clip from 2011 called White Sugar!

It’s taken a loooong fucking time.. lets be honest.. it’s been an emotional rollercoaster. From months of extreme high productivity to being buried in year long sinkholes, Armwrestling Atlas is finally in mixing phase.. with the aim of going off to master by the end of July. I can’t tell you how happy i am to be this close to finish line.. i’m sure there’s a few people out there that will be pretty relieved when they hear it’s off to master. Keep your eyes and ears out.


What an incredible success it was. A sold out show of 600+ hyper-positive vibed music appreciators heaving in two rooms at The Bakery. EVERYONE (and i mean everyone) in our crew killed thier sets, the food was good, Naik‘s new live projection mapping show was out of control, Dj Silence finally put some fucking music out and i had an ear to ear smile across the gob for a week. Thankyou to all who made it down.. my respect and admiration is eternal. Here’s some pics courtesy of Wordplay Magazine

So at the very end of last year after a pretty successful release called Nourishment (ft: Abbe May) i put out another tune called Doctorshopping, accompanied by a live(ish) video shot by my mates Blue Forest Media. It’s a sillly little song about respecting that you are always learning to grow and evolve so you should never dismiss the fact that somebody has likely been there before. It’s about acknowledging your predicament with good humour. It’s also sort of about a guy i saw in a k-hole with his face in a pizza. Magical moment that one.


YouTube Preview Image


There is more very big news to come over the coming weeks. Stay tuned to this page, my facebook, twitter & instagram.
xo Mathas.


Dj Silence ‘In the Shadows’

Thursday June 26th, 2014 by The Community

After over 10 years of hard work and collaboration, DJ Silence will be releasing his debut EP “In The Shadows” on the 21st of June at The Bakery as part of The Community’s 10th Birthday celebrations. While DJ Silence handles the production, his five track EP is graced by an established local cast of vocalists and long-time collaborators including Mathas, Thorts, FG, Wisdom2th, Cash KRZMA, The Dead Edits (Empty and Lewis Galaga), DVS and Odette Mercy.

‘In the Shadows’ is 5 tracks of raw, moody sample based beats that give a firm nod to the golden age of hip hop production whilst maintaining a progressive and contemporary sound. DJ Silence draws influences from artists as wide-ranging as Aesop Rock through to Bonnie Prince Billy. His diversity of taste is further reflected in the diversity of sounds he draws from to create the songs on “In The Shadows”. It is apparent at first listen that DJ Silence treats the sounds that he works with like oil paints or materials in a collage. Textures are layered and complex, arrangements provide contrast and clarity. Yet, throughout each song the musicality is always foreground. This, perhaps more than anything, explains why Silence has been able to attract such a broad range of talented vocalists to contribute lyrically to the album. In an age of knob twisting, filter sweeps and fidgety pitch shifting, DJ Silence rejects superficial technical trickery and delivers an album that simply nails the universal basics of rhythm, melody, composition and arrangement.

“Silence’s beats are atmospheric. They paint a picture in your head. You barely have to pick up a pen – the story just starts to unfold itself in your mind. That’s a rare thing.” Says WAM Song of the Year award winning emcee/producer FG, who begins the album with the song “It Was Like That”.

“In the Shadows” will be released on 21st of June and available digitally and on CD via http://djsilence.bandcamp.com or at The Community website http://thecommunity.com.au.



Empty’s website goes live!

Tuesday June 24th, 2014 by Empty


I’ve been working hard on pulling together all my separate projects into an easily understandable format.

My new website is just that. There’s a subscription form under the blog tab if you’d like to stay updated. I’ll be pushing my episodic documentary “In Search of Freestyle” through here.

So check it out at www.whoisempty.com.



New Visual Clip for a remix

Sunday June 15th, 2014 by yarhkob

Hey folks,

So I’ve been on the community site for a while now but got a bit delayed with my whole posting thing. Sorry bout that, posts-a-plenty and lots of new music to come.

So I recently finished a remix that is a bit different to my normal style but pretty chuffed with the outcome. I knocked up this little visual patch to go with it.

Hope you like it ! Check it out here.

Empire of the Sun – DNA (Yarhkob remix)

Getting amped for the 10th Birthday Party this Saturday !! Its going to be a big night !!




The Community Top Ten

Tuesday June 10th, 2014 by The Community

To celebrate ten years of ‘Independence through Collaboration’, Diger Rokwell has selected 10 tracks from 10 Years of The Community that defined a sound. In no particular order, these tracks represent musical landmarks in the evolution of our individual and collective style and sounds of The Community. What would your top ten be?

Listen here