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The Community is a collective of music producers, lyricists and artists from Australia.  Since its inception in 2004, The Community has been at the forefront of the Perth underground music and arts scene. Our group has run numerous gigs, provided emerging local artists with performance opportunities, promoted and distributed our own works locally and nationally, as well as holding art exhibitions and organizing wall mural projects. We have held residencies at the Velvet Lounge, Hyde Park HotelThe Moon CafeBar Open. Our people are also regular hosts of All City, Golden Apples of the Sun and Bass Check radio shows on RTRfm 92.1.

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Default Angel

Thursday October 23rd, 2014 by DVS

Default Angel: the first video and single(available for free download) has dropped today from DVS.

DVS - Default Angel

The song comes from DVS new release ‘The Disappearing Act’ which drops early 2015.

Check the video here: DVS – Default Angel (VIDEO CLIP)

Down the single here: https://dvsperth.bandcamp.com/track/default-angel

Or here: https://soundcloud.com/dvsperth/defaultangel

One day I went fishing and caught myself a selfish.
Music Credits
Lyrics & Raps by David Vincent Smith (DVS)
Produced by FG
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Wisdom2th
From the Release – The Disappearing Act
for Community Records
Film Credits
Alexandra Nell
Jesse Lawrence
Bobby Ruckus
Asjad Abid
Talleigha Skye
Director & Editor: Aaron Moss
Producer: Annabelle Fouchard
Producer’s Assistant: Evian Katanich
First Assistant Director: Kiran Wilson
Director of Photography: Lewis Potts
1st AC & Gaffer: Joel Crane
Production Designer & Costume: Mimi Helm
Art Department Assistant: Kaleb McKenna
Hair & Makeup: Andrea Hendroff
Hair & Makeup: Kate Anderson
Unit Manager: Chloe Olman
Stills Photographer: Frederick Loo & Court McAllister
Casting Director: Jacqueline Alliss
Colour Grader: Jaemie Manners from Sandbox
SPONSORS (Our Default Friends are:)
Chris Huzzard Studios + David Broadway – http://www.chrishuzzardstudios.com/
Jacqueline Alliss Casting – http://www.jacquelinealliss.com.au/


so here i go again, picking up the pieces
trying to make sense of an unforgiving species
and it isn’t easy, there’s no recipe
shattered, a shadow reaching for the rest of me
at the bar with the potions
eyeing her ciggarette
fascinated with death in slow motion.
devoted to the ocean -
that sits in a shot glass
That blasts out any last spot of emotion.
Guitar strokes, notes, chords from a keyboard
hopes clasped in the glass where her dreams pour
she avoids living, and would only give me the
key to her heart, just to keep the wind-up toy ticking
annoyed at these feelings
I’m having trouble functioning too
and it’s frustrating because there’s nothing I can do
there’s a pillow where your head lay
a ghost in every corner
a fragment of hope that’s been sewn into torture
alone with my thoughts, my home is a fort
it seems i haven’t grown and i dont know how to talk
i could be the best thing to save you
but you were too busy looking for the escape route
taste, touch, trust, lust, haste, hate, love
she’s building relationships, just to break it all up
taste, touch, trust, lust, haste, hate, love
she’s building relationships, just to break it all up
And when I met her, I sensed she felt the same
disconnection, a mechanism to lessen the pain
but the light in her eyes are simply lights in her eyes
sucks out my life everytime she tightens her thighs
i wasn’t try to cage the bird that laughs n sings
she’s an angel by default with skin grafted wings
…a sermon, etched in…
…lipstick sketches burning red
outlining the all the words you’ve said
you’re allowed to stick around
isolation will only impound you
if you want to let your soul grow you know you’re allowed too
and i don’t mean to clown you
you claim you lost yourself
but you were lost before i even found you


Mathas heads off on tour!

Friday October 17th, 2014 by Mathas

Mathas heads off this week on a national tour to launch his single “Stone Cold Sober” in support of:

w Guests: Sietta


Newtown Social Club, Sydney



Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle



Northcote Social Club, Melbourne



Republic Bar, Hobart



Rosemount, Perth



Mojos, Fremantle



Sol Bar, Maroochydore



Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane



Vishnu’s aural aquatic blessing ‘Water Tones’

Thursday October 16th, 2014 by The Community

Vishnu’s Water Tones is one of those rare albums that does exactly what it intends to do. Utilising an array of very intricate drums and keys, the album name becomes less of a title, and more of a statement of intention. The artist himself describes the release as meaning to “link various musical styles with a similar theme: atmospheric tones inspired by surfing.” However, even if you’ve never dabbled in the art of riding the waves, this album has the immediate effect of evoking the feeling of being adrift in the ocean. Synth lines wash over you like the movement of the tide, while the rhythms and melodies re-create that urgency that comes with embracing the power of the sea.

Each track is at once soothing and exciting, as demonstrated from the album opener Indian Ocean. An intriguing mash of oriental keys and waves of sound that subtly surge towards the listener, it’s the perfect introduction. It melds seamlessly into the second track Classical Antiquity, which features some guitar tones that recollect an afternoon spent under palm trees, drinking from coconuts that naturally abound.

Let’s not call this an album of background music though, as the influence of modern electronic genres are prevalent throughout its entirety. Halfway through this journey we’re treated to a track called Particle Parkour. The drums and seething synths hint at a juke or dubstep event, which never really climaxes in the expected way, imitating the flow and roll of the ocean once again. This is soon followed by Nuances, with its bubbling synths eventually giving way to some introspective dialogue samples, creating the vibe of a new Twin Peaks series that might be set in a beachside village.

Somehow this album seems to reach for the dance floor and the quiet lounge room gathering simultaneously. With the ambient sounds of Dream, which almost epitomises the rolling flow of the tide, and the album closer Wash Away Your Ideals, Vishnu’s debut album encapsulates an emotional journey, that ultimately ends like a futuristic guide to just feeling good.

Read Xpress’ interview ‘Halcyon Days’ here

Water Tones is available through https://shnu.bandcamp.com/releases or The Community Bandcamp page, ITUNES, JUNO and all good online store.


Stone Cold Sober (ft: Empty)

Wednesday September 24th, 2014 by Mathas

Hey Mates!

I put out a new song and clip this week called Stone Cold Sober. The production on this one was handled by good buddy Empty, he played all the instruments on it cos he’s a clever cookie!

You can stream it from the SOUNDCLOUD player in the corner of my artist page on this site, buy it from The Community Records BANDCAMP or on iTunes. It’s also been distributed by MGM Distribution so it’s all over the streaming sites and such..

Have a watch of the clip and give it a SHARE/LIKE/COMMENT if you dig it ;)

YouTube Preview Image

Wanna thank everybody listed below that put work in on it! Much love xo

Raps by Mathas
Music & Background Vocals by Empty
Mixed by Tom Mathieson & Brian Kruger
Mastered by William Bowden
The Community Records 2014
Filmclip produced by Blue Forest Media
From the album Armwrestling Atlas – Coming Soon

Director – Aaron McCann
Producers – Lauren Cleary and Dominic Pearce
Director of Photography – A.J. Coultier
Camera Assistants – Joel Crane and Eamon Dimmitt
Assistant Director – Lauren Cleary
Editor – Dominic Pearce
Graphics – Naik and Mathas
Make-up – Kate Anderson
Scenic Decoration – Rich Hatwell and Mathas
Background Projection – Steve Berrick
Studio provided by – Johnny Ma
Helpers: Melanie Naumoff, Michael Gunther, Bonnie Davies, Nathan Jamieson, Max White, Ofa Fotu, Farren Wood, Seanna Dempsey, Georgia Mathieson, Ben Hoare


“One day in 2003 i sat by myself on the top deck of a boat on the Hawkesbury River in NSW, after the passing of someone very close to me. I was chain-smoking Marlboro Reds. There was a brief moment of vivid hallucination where for a few minutes it felt like i could see the world’s blueprint, as if in wireframe. It was the most calming sensation I have ever experienced. Like a wash of understanding. A moment of intense pain progressed into an affirmation of just how remarkably small i was in context to the universe and how happy i felt that it had even let me grow to be a part of it.” – Mathas

The instrumental for Stone Cold Sober, originally named “Sometimes the Straightest Route is the Quickest” was produced by Brian Kruger (aka Empty) for a 5 track ep called E M P T Y B A R S Vol.2 you can find here:


I’ve been holdin’ off the ache now for years watching their collars pop
gossip blabber gods,
forever flapping their box.
I’m studying their movements with a vitamin D vibrance,
imagining how they’d look if they were lying lifeless,
but every skerrick of my being hates hate and loathes violence
and its an insult to insist when life is time priceless.
Back in 03 my planet poked a bit of fun,
turned the tragic handle,
when half these fucking camels couldn’t even hold a candle to him.
Gave me a dead leg.
Learnt to let it sink in.
Magnetism blinking.
Etchasketch on hyper in my head,
trying to dry-wretch a mention from the earth of why he ended up dead.
Pack of human parasites still clinging to the surface,
nurtured little virus on a cell inside the vein humming a resonance I’ve only found inside an 808.

Crushing on my planet’s hum,
hand-drumming on it,
think I might’ve learnt to understand it some,
or something.
Nobody’s opus, a buddy moment de-muffled its tongue.
Said something… I swear it said something..

Crushing on my planet’s hum,
cold-lamping on it,
think I might’ve learnt to understand it some,
and I was stone cold sober, technicolor cloak,
at one with adding to it til my species time to go.

That’s my pearly gates mate,
strings plucking the plasma,
illustrating the universe,
dwarfs whatever you’re worth.
Little and weakly made,
either the prick or the lame claim pick of the fetal,
planet muzzled in that self-worth bubble.
When a nucleus is nutrient, DNA’s a maze,
dubious and indescript slowly come of age,
in that indefinite certain,
clapping through the curtain close,
10 years to the marker now I first stared at its code.
I saw the hills as mesh and the river a wire-frame,
its respiratory system huffing waves to wake and break.
That memory is interlinked with smoke, a bit of heartache,
me and Norah Jones wailing top deck of the boat,
with a soaked packet of Marlboro red top pocket of coat
willingly looking in limited intervals into the riff of the keynote.
I was 19, red gum sapping out the opens,
lucid, hallucinating, understanding motion.

Crushing on my planet’s hum,
hand-drumming on it,
think I might’ve learnt to understand it some,
or something.
Nobody’s opus, a buddy moment de-muffled its tongue.
Said something… I swear it said something..

Crushing on my planet’s hum,
cold-lamping on it,
think I might’ve learnt to understand it some,
and I was stone cold sober, technicolor cloak,
pulsing off the orb hum, encompassing its glow,
at one with adding to it til my species time to go.

And I’m ok with that.


Vishnu releases single ‘Caves Road’

Friday September 19th, 2014 by The Community

Vishnu releases ‘Caves Road’ for free download via https://soundcloud.com/vishnu/caves-road-water-tones-album-out-october-16th to signal the forthcoming release of his sophomore album ‘Water Tones’ through The Community Records.

Vishnu will be launching ‘Water Tones’ at The Bird on the 16th of October with supports from Mei Saraswati, YLEM, and Politrix.

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/299216310286142/?fref=ts

Vishnu \’Caves Road\


Buck 65 at Mojo’s 26/10/14 with Diger, Empty and Silence

Wednesday September 17th, 2014 by The Community

Buck 65 plays Mojo’s Bar, Sunday, Oct 26.

Local Supports: 
Diger Rokwell
DJ Silence & friends

at Mojo’s Bar ( venue info ) 
237 Queen Victoria St, North Fremantle 

Richard Terfry is Buck 65. He’s from Mt. Uniacke, Nova Scotia, which qualifies technically as the middle of nowhere. When he started making music, he was terrified that his friends would find out about it and kick his ass.

That was a long time ago. In the last 20 years, he has released and given away more than 20 albums and countless other stray songs.

Buck 65 travels the world alone and collects books and movies and overheard stories. What he has been and heard has depressed and inspired him.

Buck 65′s music started out as hip hop. There’s still a strong whiff of that tradition, but it has  evolved into something else.

New Album Neverlove out September 2014

“A major rhymer, performer, storyteller, humanist visionary, and  student of the DJ arts.” – Robert Christgau, Rolling Stone

Sometimes it sounds rural. Sometimes it sounds like something fished out of a drain pipe. He wishes it sounded like a Terrence Malick film or a Max Ernst painting. Now no one knows what to call it.

Buck 65 has kissed Pamela Anderson, danced with Feist, recorded with Tortoise and played air hockey with Guy Maddin. He has made music for films – from a documentary about long-haul trucking to a French porno.

Buck 65 raps, sings, makes beats, plays instruments and DJs, but is best known for his dancing.

Catch Buck 65 supported by The Community artists at Mojo’s Bar.

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1463594517228537/?fref=ts


The Boost Hero Man rebuilds the future

Tuesday September 16th, 2014 by The Community

The Boost Hero Man has launched his long awaited debut EP entitled ‘Rebuild The Future’. This extended play will entertain the mind, body and space. Boost is renowned for a unique brand raw boom-bap hip hop (reminiscent of Onra’s beat/funk excursions and early Madlib). However, his debut will mark a departure from this style to make way into more adventurous spacious ambient realms. The Boost Hero Man is a prominent figure in the Perth beat community; known for his outlandish stage space guise, brave musical innovation and musical depth.

‘Rebuild the Future’ will showcase Boost’s ability to conjure up wild futuristic worlds whilst experiencing a cinematic context. He describes it as a ‘functional’ EP designed for moments of clarity, relaxation and imaginings to combat the stresses of the everyday. This is not an EP to dance to but a work to sink into its sublime frequencies and grand structures. The five-track work will act as a sonic reproduction of The Boost Hero Man’s visions of a futuristic galactic civilisation.

The sonic journey will take you from the observation deck of a science platform viewing the collapse of a star, to the stream runners darting across interstellar highways to deliver cosmic collisions of high value and ideals. Spark is the track that defines the ‘zero-drums’ scope of the EP with lush horn-like pads and powerful lead lines this second track lays a cosmic base for the rest of the EP to build from. The third track, ‘Means’ showcases a collaboration with a freelance voice actor who helps Boost outline the 10 steps to becoming ‘The Boost Hero Man’. Track four of this EP will take you to Kyre the industrial sector of the galaxy pulsing like a giant machine where communications are throttled with the bustle of commerce and construction.

‘Rebuild The Future’ is  available for digital download via The Boost Hero Man Bandcamp page https://theboostheroman.bandcamp.com, The Community Records Bandcamp  and physical copies available from www.thecommunity.com.au.