“Independence through collaboration”

The Community is a collective of music producers, lyricists and artists from Australia.  Since its inception in 2004, The Community has been at the forefront of the Perth underground music and arts scene. Our group has run numerous gigs, provided emerging local artists with performance opportunities, promoted and distributed our own works locally and nationally, as well as holding art exhibitions and organizing wall mural projects. We have held residencies at the Velvet Lounge, Hyde Park HotelThe Moon CafeBar Open. Our people are also regular hosts of All City, Golden Apples of the Sun and Bass Check radio shows on RTRfm 92.1.

The Community
8/8 Kadina Street
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The Boost Hero Man rebuilds the future

Tuesday September 16th, 2014 by The Community

The Boost Hero Man has launched his long awaited debut EP entitled ‘Rebuild The Future’. This extended play will entertain the mind, body and space. Boost is renowned for a unique brand raw boom-bap hip hop (reminiscent of Onra’s beat/funk excursions and early Madlib). However, his debut will mark a departure from this style to make way into more adventurous spacious ambient realms. The Boost Hero Man is a prominent figure in the Perth beat community; known for his outlandish stage space guise, brave musical innovation and musical depth.

‘Rebuild the Future’ will showcase Boost’s ability to conjure up wild futuristic worlds whilst experiencing a cinematic context. He describes it as a ‘functional’ EP designed for moments of clarity, relaxation and imaginings to combat the stresses of the everyday. This is not an EP to dance to but a work to sink into its sublime frequencies and grand structures. The five-track work will act as a sonic reproduction of The Boost Hero Man’s visions of a futuristic galactic civilisation.

The sonic journey will take you from the observation deck of a science platform viewing the collapse of a star, to the stream runners darting across interstellar highways to deliver cosmic collisions of high value and ideals. Spark is the track that defines the ‘zero-drums’ scope of the EP with lush horn-like pads and powerful lead lines this second track lays a cosmic base for the rest of the EP to build from. The third track, ‘Means’ showcases a collaboration with a freelance voice actor who helps Boost outline the 10 steps to becoming ‘The Boost Hero Man’. Track four of this EP will take you to Kyre the industrial sector of the galaxy pulsing like a giant machine where communications are throttled with the bustle of commerce and construction.

‘Rebuild The Future’ is  available for digital download via The Boost Hero Man Bandcamp page https://theboostheroman.bandcamp.com, The Community Records Bandcamp  and physical copies available from www.thecommunity.com.au.


Mathas releases Stone Cold Sober

Tuesday September 16th, 2014 by The Community

Mathas releases his new single ‘Stone Cold Sober’ featuring Empty via his bandcamp and ITUNES. Check it here.

“One day in 2003 i sat by myself on the top deck of a boat on the Hawkesbury River in NSW, after the passing of someone very close to me. I was chain-smoking Marlboro Reds. There was a brief moment of vivid hallucination where for a few minutes it felt like i could see the world’s blueprint, as if in wireframe. It was the most calming sensation I have ever experienced. Like a wash of understanding. A moment of intense pain progressed into an affirmation of just how remarkably small i was in context to the universe and how happy i felt that it had even let me grow to be a part of it.” – Mathas 

The instrumental for Stone Cold Sober, originally named “Sometimes the Straightest Route is the Quickest” was produced by Brian Kruger (aka Empty) for a 5 track ep called E M P T Y B A R S Vol.2 you can find here: emptysounds.bandcamp.com


Mathas at Big Sound!

Thursday September 4th, 2014 by The Community


Empty and Boost Double EP Launch

Tuesday August 19th, 2014 by The Community

The Boost Hero Man & Empty have been working on instrumental cinematic releases, and would like to share them with you. Don’t miss this chance to check out their newest releases!

___________REBUILD THE FUTURE_____________

For the longest time now The Boost Hero Man has been inspired to create a project that adequately describes his visions of a future world.
Rebuild the future is an exciting new project developed in the mind of The Boost Hero Man.

This 5 track EP will act as a sonic reproduction of The Boost Hero Man’s predictions of a futuristic galactic civilization. (Think Kardashev Type-II).

The sonic journey will take you from the observation deck of a science platform viewing the collapse of a star, to the stream runners darting across interstellar highways to deliver packages of high importance. Each one of these tracks laid out to frame a different scene from this future time.

“A time when corruption is rife, the lone will traverse the galaxy to unmake and discrown.” – Anonymous, ‘The Tablets of Kyre’

In addition to his EP, Empty has been working on his episodic documentary “In Search of Freestyle”. Episode 1 features footage from a trip to New York City, with people like Quinton CountsOhene Cornelius, Drew Seph, Big Zoo, King Bryce, Tyquan Sounds, Chris Christoph Carr (and many more!) making appearances.

So come down and check out not only their cinematic EPs, but also the first episode of “In Search of Freestyle”. With live sets from Community cats Maxy Bills & Archi and Melburn producer Durban Poison this night will be unmissible!

Tickets will be available at the door, and there’ll be a Merch desk, with Empty t-shirts and hoodies!



‘Thundercracker Dub’ video

Tuesday August 5th, 2014 by The Community

The Weapon is Sound have released a new video, a salt rubbed, flare blazed ode to the wilds ‘Thundercracker Dub’. Check it, it is a tasty dubbed psych burning video of the most highest blend. Support good dub! Peep it here.


Cardboard bots, ASSEMBLE!

Friday August 1st, 2014 by wisdom2th


just thought I’d go over some of my new upgrades to my live show.
For the past 12 months Frobot and I have been joined on stage by Dj Voxel, better known as the always willing, very humble Dj Silence.
As of late a new button mashing machine known as D-Frag (D-Jeong) has been added to the outfit.

Working with these two humanoid gizmos has been an absolute blast.
I can’t end this with out acknowledging their own musical achievements, here are a couple links to their creative works.

Dj Silence.


If you’d like to experience the live show for yourself, we’ll be playing tonight 1st of August at The Manor in Leederville.

I’ll also be supporting D-Jeong at The Moon Cafe on Wed the 6th of August, plus more events tba.

Wisdom2th out!


The Weapon is Sound ‘Thundercracker Dub’ Launch

Thursday July 24th, 2014 by The Community

The Weapon Is Sound come back onto the scene after several months spent marinating in dub sauce. We’ve been preparing with only the “finest” of ingredients to bring you a new single “Thundercracker Dub” with video clip. To help us celebrate we’re partying up with very special guest The Fire Alive from Geelong, Peter Bibby’s coming over from melbs to perform with rocking band Fucking Teeth and The Boost Hero Man repping The Community! We’re also going to have live visuals, and likely a VERY smoky back area. Dub come at you at Mojo’s North Fremantle on the 2nd of August.